My first novel, a spy thriller  titled 
"A Spy too Close" 
was published in September 2008.

It served to introduce a fictional Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agent Matt Maloney who quickly established a popular persona.

Maloney tracks a Russian woman spy to Ottawa and Washington D.C. where he uncovers a plot involving the White House.

"Spy" has been a popular seller on the 'Kindle' market.

I recognized the potentialof Maloney's character to become a Canadian hero much like Jack Ryan in the Tom Clancy series. That spurred me to write a sequel. It was spawned at a time when Yasser Arafat and Muammar Guadaffi were household words.

​In my second novel ,
"Alliance of Terror",
Maloney tracks a former Quebec FLQ terrorist to a camp in the San Jacinto mountains southeast of Los Angeles. There, he uncovers  a group of international terrorists belonging to the International Freedom Fighters Alliance.

Originally written in 1988 under the title of
"The Domino Alliance',
the manuscript went through the gamut of Publishing Companies and Literary Agents in Canada and the U.S. with no success.

The story closely mirrors the events that occurred in the infamous 9/11 attack on New York.  I  was shocked at the analogousness of
'Alliance of Terror'
and the 9/11 events. The book was finally published in August 2009.

My third novel in his trilogy,
" If Words Could Kill",
published in 2010, was touted by my publisher, as 'his best thus far'. In this mystery story, Matt Maloney is overshadowed by two women who are the principal characters in this political mystery/thriller.

The two women uncover a plot by CIA, State Department and White House bureaucrats to eliminate foreign members of the media opposed to President Obama's policies.

A number of plot twists keeps the readers on their toes and makes for enjoyable reading.

"If Words Could Kill" got very favorable reviews by the Midwest Book Review in Oregon, Wisconsin and 'Politico' magazine in Washington, D.C.
" A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Puberty"
in June 2008.
(no longer available)

Ron Lawruk presently lives in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada with his wonderful wife, Merla.

He was born in Ottawa, Canada where he graduated from St. Patrick's College.

Ron was employed with CSE, the Communications Security Establishment of the Canadian National Defence Department for 32 years.

During that time he wrote various intelligence reports as well as papers for International Conferences. Between 1968 and 1971 he was a Canadian liaison officer at the National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort George G. Meade in Maryland.


Travel, Golf, Square and Round Dancing, Writing, Texas Hold 'Em.


New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Austria, Australia, China, France.


Santorini Island, Greece; Cape Town, South Africa; Arizona, Utah; Hallshtadt, Austria; Montserrat and The Alhambra, Spain; Mont St. Michel, France.


St. Andrew's, Scotland; Sun City and Royal Cape, South Africa; Ballybunnion, Royal Portrush, Ireland; Kapalua, Hawaii.

Three of my short story books have
been published:

"Murder in the Resort"

containing six stories (three fiction and three non-fiction) was released in January 2011:

Murder in the Resort

(A shocking murder in Mesa, Arizona disrupts the lives and quirky habits of the residents of the Diamond Point Resort)

The other five titles are:

'Courage of the Damned'

(A baseball story which will bring tears to your eyes)

Food for Thought

(A young boy and an aging woman -keep the Kleenex out)

Journey of Fear

(A true-to- life harrowing experience when the authors were ejected from a train in Slovakia)

The Bend

(A comical story about a young couple who venture into an old hotel near Montreal, Canada)

The Last Hurrahs

(The last years of an aging woman who maintained her poise and humour while she coped with Dementia and Alzheimers)

currently, only available from the author at



Welcome to my site. Come travel with me to the world of real and imaginary manifestations of life documented in my novels and short stories

"A Bark Is Worse Than A Bite"
in June 2007.
no longer available)


Out of the Shadows
The Life of a CSE Canadian Intelligence Officer


A Canadian Soldier's Story"

I was always aware that my cousin, Ted Patrick had fought in World War Two and contracted Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but he never talked about it.

In 2005, I asked him to consider allowing me to write his story not only for his family but for anyone who wondered what a young man, a common foot soldier, faced in such a deadly conflict.

After the death of his wife Eileen in 2007, he relented and my wife Merla and I began the long and tedious recording, manually and on tape, of Ted's life.

We had no idea how many personal mementos and letters this Irish 'leprechaun' in his 90s had kept during those years.

Within a short time, we knew we hit the 'motherload' which included many love letters and more than 150 photographs. This also included his attention to detail in creating posters for briefing visitors from around the world at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Canada.

Consider the above when you realize that this feisty Irishman came back from the war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

On several occasions, we were  caught up in the moment and shed a few tears when the PTSD kicked in and he related incidents where his friends were captured or killed by the Germans.

It turned out to be a wonderful story of two young people caught up in the horrible events which affected their future and how they managed to rise above it all.