...."Ingenious, using individuals from a multitude of nationalities and fusing them with U.S. dissidents living in relatively large communities, free to move where they wish. No one country can be blamed or attacked. How does one retaliate against 87 countries simultaneously?.......

.....Ken hung precariously from the skids below the helicopter's undercarriage as it rose above the trees. He knew that shots had been fired at him, but he never felt any pain and was thankful that the bullets missed him. ...directly above him was the silver capsule filled with lethal chemicals, its closed jets awaiting the electrical impulse to release its deadly contents on the unsuspecting Los Angeles citizens below.........


One man's 'terrorist' is another man's 'freedom fighter'.

FBI Agent Matt Maloney is back in this sequel to "A Spy Too Close" but the enemy is formidable.

Alliance of Terror

Published in July 2009

In 1992, nine years before 9/11, worldwide terrorist organizations headed by Iran, Iraq and Libya form an alliance to attack the United States from within.

A group of terrorists, operating under the International Freedom Fighters Alliance (IFFA) , establish a number of covert training sites in the U.S.

While on the trail of a French terrorist, Matt Maloney, a Counter-Terrorist expert in the FBI, is involved in asearch for a notorious international terrorist in California. He tracks him to a terrorist training camp in the
San Jacinto Mountains.

Tipped off by an undercover British MI-5 informant in the International Freedom Fighters Alliance, Maloney learns of a plot involving targets in the USA.  Major military bases, the Pentagon,and the White House are on the terrorist's hit list.

The action picks up as Maloney tangles with units of terrorists in Washington.

In a hair-raising chase to an island off South Carolina, he and his FBI team engage the infamous terrorists in an exciting climax.

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Alliance of Terror

Alliance of Terror

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Anna, Southern USA:

"It is obvious that this author is knowledgeable about the inner workings of agencies that are assigned to protect our country. This book is an insight into those agencies and their dedicated personnel. Surprising how the story parallels the 9/11 attacks. This book will hold the readers interest as the mystery unfolds."

Topics for reader's interest:

Tight plot, action,international intrigue, romance, seduction, Terrorist training camps, 9/11, Arizona camp, California camp, Pentagon, White House, hit list, military bases, lethal chemicals, San Diego Naval Base, aerial photography, State Department, Palm Springs, FLQ, Los Angeles, National Security Council, petroleum reserve, South Carolina, Cuban vessels.

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