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A mystery book about a woman spy, murder, romance, seduction, deception, treachery, Canadian-US security and political intrigue.

Natasha knew that she could influence the Senator when he became President of the United States. After all, who would expect to find a Russian spy in the White House?
That's the  premise of my story on how the Russians, at the peak of the Cold War in the late 1980s, plotted to control American politics and influence World policy.
After an intensive KGB training program, Natasha Fadeeva is selected for a 'Top Secret' mission. She is smuggled into Canada on a Russian research vessel and eludes a Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS) team in Halifax.
Natasha makes her way to Ottawa and is escorted across the U.S. border by a Russian assassin assigned to protect her.

CSIS agent Matt Maloney picks up her trail in Halifax and joins up with an FBI agent to follow her to Lake Placid, New York.

The two agents lose the trail but uncover a number of unusual incidents that may be related.
There is no trace of Natasha. The body of an unidentified body is found under the ice at Mirror  Lake and the assassin escapes.
Now, the FBI and CSIS have a dilemma - a "Jane Doe",  a vicious killer on the loose and no motive!

Natasha marries Senator Brad West who receives the Democratic Party's endorsement as President-elect. They move to Washington, D.C.

Natasha furnishes vital information on sensitive U.S. foreign policy to KGB agents at the Russian Embassy. There is one drawback; she is falling in love with the Senator.

Unbeknownst to her Russian controllers, Natasha has her own agenda. She seduces a CIA officer to obtain information concerning the murder, purportedly by the CIA, of her father, a Russian attache in Egypt.

It proves to be her undoing.

Matt Maloney and his FBI counterparts devise a way to exploit the situation and turn the tables on the Russians.

A Spy Too Close